PODCAST: Paquito D’Rivera


June 22, 2006–Taking a cue from Dizzy Gillespie’s United Nation Orchestra, alumnus Paquito D’Rivera led a cast of Chicago musicians including Fareed Haque, Howard Levy, Liam Teague, Mark Walker, Tito Carillo, Angel Melendez, Jose Rendon, Willie Garcia and others to celebrate the mutual influence inspired by jazz legend Dizzy Gillespie’s travels to Latin America and the Caribbean.


Paquito’s Chicago PanAmerican Orquestra featured Chicago Jazz Ensemble artistic director and Dizzy protege, Jon Faddis, his former band mate in this exciting orchestra. Music included compositions written by Dizzy and composers from Latin America, including Chicagoan Elbio Barilari. Jazz In Chicago interviewed D’Rivera and Faddis before the concert.

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