Xavier Breaker

Aug 29
12:00 pm
Von Freeman Pavilion

Born and raised in South Carolina, Xavier Breaker brings to the bandstand both a limber, excitable style as a drummer and strong writing skills developed at Northern Illinois University’s jazz studies program. In a short time, he and the members of his Coalition have established themselves as rising players in Chicago’s “next generation” of jazz players.

With the muscular front line of saxophonist Rajiv Halim and trumpeter Shaun Johnson, the band ranges effortlessly from hard bop to funk. Having played together as a duo, guitarist Joel Ream and bassist Andrew Vogt bring an extra degree of chemistry to the “string section.” And pianist Marcin Fahmy, a Polish native, has been on an upward ascent since high school, when he was chosen as one of two pianists in this country to play in the Grammy All-American Jazz Ensembles.

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