Tito Carrillo

Sept. 2 - 2012

Trumpeter Tito Carrillo has been making his bones, as they say, in a full range of settings, backing everyone from pianist Willie Pickens to saxophonist Paquito d’Rivera and playing in the Chicago Jazz Ensemble and Chicago Afro-Latin Jazz Ensemble. With his strong recent debut album, Opening Statement, he asserts himself as a leader, showing such range as a composer and soloist and drawing such a cohesive performance from his band, you might think he was an established star with a dozen albums to his credit.

One of the rewards of being a jazz musician in Chicago is you not only get exposed to a wide range of music, you get to play it as well. Carrillo’s bread and butter may be Latin jazz, but as he demonstrates on the album, he also is at home with modal, postbop and free jazz styles. His ability to unify those styles into a compelling sound is impressive. Carrillo will be joined today by tenor and soprano saxophonist Phillip Doyle, pianist Benjamin Lewis and bassist Lorin Cohen, all of whom appear on the album, plus drummer Jay Sawyer and conga player Victor Gonzalez.

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