Sun Rooms

Aug 31
2:00 pm
Jazz and Heritage Pavilion

It’s no exaggeration to say that Sun Rooms is one of the most strikingly original vibraphone groups jazz has ever known. That’s largely because Jason Adasiewicz is such an extraordinary force on the vibes. Attacking the keys with the hardest hits this side of Sonny Liston, he produces overtones and blooming after-tones that mesmerize you even as the band’s collective energy pins you to the moment. An artist who has played with everyone from German free jazz titan Peter Brotzmann to Chicago pop music great Steve Dawson, Adasiewicz is a master calibrator.

In Sun Rooms, heard on a self-titled 2010 effort and 2011′s Spacer, he is joined in a true collective sense by bassist Nate McBride and drummer Mike Reed, both of whom can and do carry a tune at the drop of a beat. In this trio’s hands, a three-minute composition can take on epic meaning and emotion, and a solo can be a special event – even if the day turns out to be cloudy.

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