Kurt Rosenwinkel

Aug 30
3:30 pm
Jazz and Heritage Pavilion

Just as Michael Brecker was embraced as a guru of contemporary tenor saxophone by players of recent generations, 43-year-old Kurt Rosenwinkel has had his every solo pored over by aspiring guitarists. Taking leave from such towering role models as Wes Montgomery and George Benson, Rosenwinkel has coined a highly individual harmonic approach with his shifting chords and special scales while advancing a rhythmic concept that is capable of complexity and surprise.

Following such mellow masterpieces as Reflections by his Standards Trio, Rosenwinkel could have continued in the vein of that 2009 album. Instead, he has shifted gears with the sometimes startling double album, Star of Jupiter, a fusion-informed collection of lyrical, bop-centered originals with transcendent aims. He’ll likely perform tracks from the album today in the stellar company of his longtime pianist Aaron Parks, bassist Eric Revis and drummer Colin Stranahan.

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