John Wojciechowski

Aug 30
2:20 pm
Von Freeman Pavilion

One of the things that makes the Chicago jazz scene so strong and renewable is its ability to draw talented artists from all over the map. In recent years, more and more players have moved here to be part of a scene that offers the opportunity to team up with like-minded musicians, perform on a regular basis and define one’s own sound and style. Those were certainly among the aims of saxophonist and flutist John Wojciechowski when he moved to Chicago from Detroit more than a decade ago. Consider each of those boxes checked.

As he has shown through his playing in the Chicago Jazz Orchestra and Chicago Jazz Ensemble as well as the bands of drummer Dana Hall and pianist Ryan Cohan – who along with bassist Dennis Carroll will form his beaut of a rhythm section today – Wojciechowski is a strong, adaptable player. And as he revealed on his 2009 album, Lexicon, he’s a confident leader who possesses an earthy but lyrical intensity on tenor. Not to downplay the Motor City influences in his playing, but he’s arrived as a true Chicagoan.

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