Jeremy Kahn Sextet

Sept. 2 - 2012

At last year’s Chicago Jazz Festival, rain forced the early suspension of Jeremy Kahn’s set, a tribute to the late Pepper Adams. And then the release of  Kahn’s latest album of Adams compositions was delayed. Let’s hope pushing the reset button produces happier results on both fronts.

A a wide-ranging stylist remembered for his stint at Chicago’s Gold Star Sardine Bar, Kahn has a special affinity for the unreconstituted hard bop of Adams, who is celebrated for his fast and fluid baritone saxophone playing with Charles Mingus and Donald Byrd but whose compositions have faded from view since his death in 1986. For this stage in his ongoing salute, Kahn has arranged Adams ballads such as “In Love with Night” and “Urban Dreams” as midtemp and uptempo tunes and set them to words. Singing them today will be Cheryl Wilson, known for her session and jingles work. The all-Chicago band will include first-rate saxophonist Eric Schneider, bassist Dennis Carroll and drummer George Fludas.

Festival Playlist

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