Gustavo Cortiñas Snapshot

Sep 2
1:10 pm
Von Freeman Pavilion

Drummer and composer Gustavo Cortiñas has had the great good fortune to be exposed to three extraordinary music cultures. He was born and raised in Mexico City, attended college in New Orleans and moved to Chicago to acquire his Master’s in jazz studies at Northwestern University. Blending the styles and traditions of those three scenes, Cortiñas has created a distinctive mainstream sound that is “uplifting, robust, melodic and gets your body moving,” wrote Jeff Potter in DownBeat. Esse, his second album as a leader, is informed by his studies in philosophy; each of the tunes reflects the viewpoints of a particular great thinker. He plays, therefore he is? Cortiñas will perform songs from the recording with his Snapshot septet, featuring trumpeter Justin Copeland, tenor saxophonist Artie Black, trombonist Adam Thornburg, guitarist Hans Luchs, pianist Joaquin García and bassist Kitt Lyles.

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