Ernie Krivda Quartet

Aug 31 - 2012
Von Freeman Pavilion

A couple of years the underrated Cleveland tenor saxophonist Ernie Krivda released a fiery hard bop collection titled Blues for Pekar (Capri), an homage to the great cartoonist and huge jazz fan (and critic) Harvey Pekar who hailed from the same city: Pekar once called him, “one of the best jazz tenor sax men in the world” While Krivda couldn’t be further personality-wise from the curmudgeonly cartoonist, they did share an admirable blue-collar ethic that eschewed glitz and glamour in favor of hard work. That commitment to his craft has long been palpable in Krivda, who chose to remain in his hometown rather than fleeing to New York to make it big, a decision that’s allowed his music to flourish free of commercial pressures.

While Cleveland remains his home base, Krivda travels all over the US for festival engagements, and his trip to Chicago will let us hear what they already know in Ohio—that he’s the real deal, an improviser with an innate sense of the blues, a granite-hard tone, and a malleable sense of phrasing that allows him to transform the simplest of melodies into a symphony of motific development. This afternoon he’s joined by pianist Lafayette Carthon, bassist Jeff Halsey, and drummer Renell Gonsalves.

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