Dr. Michael White Quartet

Sep 2
5:00 pm
Jay Pritzker Pavilion

There is no more stalwart champion of traditional New Orleans jazz than clarinetist Dr. Michael White. Over three decades as an educator, curator, historian, international emissary and producer as well as musician, he has devotedly carried forward the music of the Crescent City – with a special interest in shedding light on his legendary role model, clarinetist George Lewis. Following the nightmare that was Hurricane Katrina, which destroyed White’s home and his precious music and memorabilia collections, he captured the heart and soul of the city and its musical history on his acclaimed album, Blue Crescent. Known for his collaborations with Wynton Marsalis and his appearances with the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, White will perform today with Gregory Stafford (trumpet / vocal), Seva Venet (banjo) and Mark Brooks (bass).

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