Dennis Luxion – Michael Raynor Quartet

Aug 31
2:20 pm
Von Freeman Pavilion

Critic Neil Tesser once described Dennis Luxion, a pianist who brings a composer’s presence to his playing, as “a scary-smart musician.” Drummer Michael Raynor has drawn raves for his dynamic work with such artists as Kurt Elling, Ryan Cohan and Von Freeman, about whom few have waxed more eloquently or wittily than him. Together, Luxion and Raynor have been a perfect fit, and a well-traveled one. In 2012, their quartet traveled to Africa for the U.S. State Department as part of the Rhythm Road cultural exchange program.

Today, they’ll travel, appropriately enough, to the Von Freeman Pavilion, where they’ll perform some originals and perhaps share a few musical stories from their journeys. The quartet includes the splendiferous alto saxophonist Greg Ward, a member of the AACM who has been lighting up the New York scene with his Windy City sound since moving there.

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