Damon Short Quintet

Aug. 30 - 2012

Since the release of his 1987 debut album, Penguin Shuffle, Damon Short has been one of the unsung heroes of Chicago jazz as a drummer, composer and bandleader. Making his home in that compelling place where free jazz meets classic bop, and where compelling textures inform strong group harmonies, Short has gone from recording Thelonious Monk tunes early in his career to making highly personal music that reflects the influence of his drumming heroes – including Elvin Jones and AACM great Steve McCall.

Short’s quartet includes two of longtime cohorts: the gifted bass trumpeter Ryan Shultz, whose infrequently heard instrument is a hybrid of trombone and trumpet (not to be confused with Art Farmer’s flumpet, which combined flugelhorn and trumpet!), and bassist Larry Kohut. At the heart of the group sound will be two saxophonists: Mitch Paliga (of Gary Sinise’s Lt. Dan Band) on soprano and Paul Hartsaw on tenor and alto. The force field Short creates with the twin horns is as intriguing as it is powerful.

Festival Playlist

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