Chris Madsen Bix Quartet

Aug. 30 - 2012

More than 100 years after his death at 28, Leon “Bix” Beiderbecke may be a forgotten legend in some parts of the country. But in the Midwest, annual festivals and tributes keep alive the memory of the Iowa native, whose lyrical sound on cornet and contribution to the “Chicago style” of jazz will forever be an important part of the music’s legacy. What would Bix have sounded like had he lived to embrace ’30s swing styles like Louis Armstrong? Chris Madsen’s distinctive brand of Bixology will provide a few clues.

As on his well-received 2011 album, Chris Madsen Trio Plays Bix Beiderbecke, Madsen, a tenor saxophonist, will be joined by guitarist Dan Effland and bassist Joe Policastro, plus seasoned drummer Phil Gratteau. There will no cornet or trumpet in sight. So while the band honors Bix, they will also bask in the mastery of his famous bandmate, C-melody saxophonist Frank Trumbauer, whom no less a legend than Lester Young called his main influence. With Prez hovering over the festivities, count on 1920′s classics like “Davenport Blues,” “I’m Comin’ Home Virginia” and “Singin’ the Blues” getting at least a taste of the 1930′s, stirred specially for 2012.

Festival Playlist

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