Chris Foreman Trio

Aug 28
12:00 pm
Randolph Cafe

Through all the trends, revampings and revolutions jazz has gone through since the great Jimmy Smith made the Hammond B-3 organ an essential component of hard bop and blues, the crowd-pleasing appeal of the instrument has remained the same. Whether commandeered by a Smith acolyte like Joey DeFrancesco or an innovator like Greg Lewis with his Organ Monk Trio, this monster in a box can’t be beat for its churning melodies and pumping rhythms – or, in quieter moments, its gentle oceanic surges.

Chris Foreman, a Green Mill regular who saw his national profile rise when Steely Dan chose his since-disbanded Deep Blue Organ Trio as its opening act, is very much in the Smith mold. But he boasts a highly personal sound with his pearly phrasing, soul-gospel roots and sense of ease. There’s never any danger of overstatement when he’s at the B-3. Performing in a solo setting, Foreman’s singular voice promises to be an uplifting opening set for the 2014 Chicago Jazz Fest.

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