Chicago Underground Duo

Aug 30
2:00 pm
Jazz and Heritage Pavilion

The longest-lasting and most experimental of the Chicago Underground groups, going back to the Chicago Underground Orchestra of the mid-’90s, the Chicago Underground Duo – Rob Mazurek and Chad Taylor – has been a compelling work in progress. Embracing ever-bolder laptop and engineering effects, the CUD funnels a deep stream of influences, beginning with the bop on which cornetist Mazurek and and drummer Taylor cut their teeth and continuing with funk, minimalism, electronica, film scores and various types of “world music” including the Brazilian forms processed by Mazurek’s beat-happy São Paulo Underground.

The Duo’s recent album, Locus, its most powerful electroacoustic endeavor, employs such instruments as bamboo flute, mbira, ballophone, folk guitar and keys – and Game Boy. How will these studio rats be able to thrive in such a big outdoor setting? Landscape, meet soundscape! There’s also a good chance that Mazurek’s love of trumpet greats including Freddie Hubbard and Don Cherry will attain a higher profile in concert. One thing is certain: These are extremely resourceful artists. With all that goes into this music, everyone in the audience will find something to latch onto.

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