Jazz In Chicago: Giving Tuesday, Giving Back

It’s #GivingTuesday and we’re giving back!  Because you give to us all year round, we’re taking today to give a little something back.   Find out more about why giving is important to Rajiv Halim and Makaya McCraven and enjoy complimentary music from them.  To access the song, scroll down and click the title.  The link will open in a separate page.


Rajiv Halim Foundation Front CoverRAJIV HALIM



Giving back is important to me because I believe that it helps the one race on this planet, the human race, move forward, and reminds us that we’re all in this life together. Many mentors and advisers offered up their time, patience, their skill set, and other accumulated knowledge that has immensely impacted my life and career path. Part of their knowledge included CDs, mp3s, and other music that I could directly listen to. Obviously, as a musician, or as I like to call us “the scientists of music”, I have gained much inspiration from the music that those mentors guided me towards. It greatly impacts how I write music. However, more simply put, music can be something that just elevates ones day or gets someone through a rough day or week. I have experienced this emotional release or stress relieving power that music has. If my music can help relieve a life pressure that someone is under, then I can feel some satisfaction from my work.


Hear Slim from his most recent release, Foundation and Find out more about Rajiv.



a1054862901_10MAKAYA MCCRAVEN


The Jazz Institute of Chicago has been critical to my formation as a artist. Over the past decade, I have had the opportunity to get to know and connect the Greater Chicago jazz community at concerts and performances made possible by the JIC. The Chicago Jazz Festival, Jazz City concerts, Jazz Links Jam Sessions, and other performances have created a great environment for musicians young and old and jazz fans to come together. The support of the Institute and its members is always encouraging and the community feels like a larger Chicago jazz family. It is important for me to give back, because the (jazz) community has shown me so much love, has helped me develop my music and artistry and continues to push me to grow.


Hear Next Step from his most recent release, In the Moment (International Anthem Recording Company) featuring some of his favorite collaborators (Marquis Hill, Justefan, and Joshua Abrams) and Find out more about Makaya.

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