Jazz Education Day: Demystifying the Jazz Process

April 25, 2017 - 12:00 am - 12:00 pm

 Chicago Cultural Center | 78 E Washington Street| noon-7:30pm


FREE public programming in celebration of Jazz Appreciation Month!


A free public program in celebration of Jazz Appreciation Month! Learn about jazz with leading musician and educator Dana Hall and his Black Fire. Explore Jazz in the Media with radio personality Richard Steele, and members of today’s jazz media: Frank Alkyer (DownBeat), Dan Bindert (WDCB 90.9fm), Ayana Contreras (WBEZ), and Thaddeus Tukes, jazz journalism student at Medill; learn what influenced musicians like Renee Baker, Miguel de la Cerna, and Tammy McCann, in a panel moderated by writer and journalist, Howard Mandel; or improve your performance during a jam session led by Jarrard Harris and connect with other music lovers!


JUST ADDED: Win copies of books by writer and journalist Howard Mandel  and other artist CDs during the 2pm and 4pm sessions!  Winner must be present.


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12:15-1:45PM: Demystifying the Jazz Process

Preston Bradley Hall

Drummer, composer, and educator Dana Hall explores key elements and concepts found in today’s jazz and creative improvised music – among them rhythm and meter – to illuminate the how, what, and why of the contemporary bandleader’s approach to determining a typical set of music for a jazz performance. Lecture/performance features members of Dana Hall’s Black Fire: Dana Hall (drums and cymbals), Geof Bradfield (alto, tenor & soprano saxophones, flute, bass clarinet); Ben Waltzer (piano); and Clark Sommers (acoustic bass).


2-3:30PM: What do Jazz Musicians Listen to…When No One is Looking 

Claudia Cassidy Theater

Find out what music influences and inspires leading musicians Renee Baker (violinist and past Artistic Director of the Chicago Sinfonietta Chamber Ensemble and Mantra Blue Free Orchestra), Miguel de la Cerna (pianist, educator and composer), and Tammy McCann (vocalist and former Ray Charles Raelette) during a panel discussion moderated by Howard Mandel, President of the Jazz Journalists Association, author of Future Jazz, and senior editor of The Billboard Illustrated Encyclopedia of Jazz and Blues.


4-5:30PM: Where is Jazz In Today’s Media?

Claudia Cassidy Theater

How do you balance diminishing main stream media coverage with increasing interest from younger generations? What does this trend mean for the future? Explore these issues and more during a panel discussion moderated by radio personality Richard Steele and featuring Frank Alkyer, publisher of DownBeat Magazine;  Dan Bindert, Station Manager of WDCB 90.9fm (known as  “Chicago’s Home for Jazz.”);  Ayana Contreras, producer with WBEZ’s Sound Opinions and Thaddeus Tukes composer, jazz vibraphonist, and Medill School of Journalism graduate student.


6:00-7:30PM: Jazz Jam Session

Studio Theater

Led by saxophonist and educator, Jarrard Harris and featuring Kirk Brown (piano), Marlene Rosenberg (bass) and Isaiah Spencer (drums), this jam session is open to musicians of all levels and ages as well as listeners and lovers of jazz. This jam session is open to jazz musicians of all levels and ages and for all audiences.


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