Jazz Link Ambassadors – Elementary Application

Audition Directions:


At the audition, you will be asked to improvise, play a prepared piece, and perform a couple of scales. See below for specific requirements and follow the links for access to sheet music and a recording to practice your improvisation.




Concert Bb Major Scale

-Bb major for flute, trombone, guitar, piano, bass

-C major for tenor sax, clarinet, trumpet

-G major for alto sax, bari sax


Blues Scale

-Key of your choice


Prepared Melody

Now’s The Time – links to the sheet music are below



Concert Bb Blues – Link to a backing track is below




Elementary Audition Components and audio clips:


Now’s The Time – C Instruments (flute, guitar, piano)


Now’s The Time – Bass Clef Instruments (trombone, bass)


Now’s The Time – Bb Instruments (clarinet, tenor sax, trumpet)


Now’s The Time – Eb Instruments (alto sax, bari sax)


Bb Blues Backing Track




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